martedì 30 settembre 2008

Sushi Party

Sushi Party April 2008 - Here is one of my spur of the moment sushi parties. Was put together last minute since I had found some excellent fresh tuna. We made tuna, shrimp and various rolls with even super hot thai sauce tuna rolls. Fabio, Rosella and Daniele ate to their full. Mini beer keg (japanese beer I believe) rounded it off. I love eating and preparing sushi. It may take a few hours to prepare a spread like this but it is sooo worth it !

Hope it inspires you to at least try something different.
Photobucket It's always a pleasure to make sushi for Fabio and Rosella because they truly enjoy it. And so does their 6yr old son Daniele who shouts out for more "wasabi" every chance he gets. Photobucket
Some deep fried anchovies in an inside out roll topped with Tobasco. Photobucket
And some shrimp and tuna nigiri. I found these serving trays by chance at a supermarket and they work great for sushi presentation.

And the sushi vid with full presentation (in italian of course)
Sushi Party

And today's bento pic can only be of sushi :

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