martedì 30 settembre 2008

Bento Recipe

Here is a bento recipe which was so good that I made it twice. Don't mind the pictures. I'm not very good at getting pics that reflect how good the food was to eat.
The top part of the bento has a few options for side dishes. One is the daikon citrus salad served over mashed cauliflower. The middle is just quickly cooked rice spaghetti and the right hand side are just some sprouts. Including soy sauce and some oil, you can season everything when it comes time to eat it.

The bottom part of the bento is :

A) Chicken patties. You just need the following ingredients :

Chicken breast (raw) cut into chunks
1 tsp flour
1 tsp fresh grated ginger
1 small garlic clove pressed
Few sheets of nori seaweed
salt and pepper

You have to mix all the ingredients except the nori in a mixer till you obtain ground chicken meat which can be made into little patties. Form small meatball size patties and sandwhich them between strips of seaweed. Fry them in oil till they become golden brown on both sides. Cool and put them into your bento.

B) Soy Scallops
Take fresh or frozen scallops (thawed) and set aside.
In a small pan, cook 3 tblsp soy sauce, 1 tblsp sugar and 1tsp sake until the sauce starts to caramelise (become dense). Throw the scallops in until they become well coated with the glaze. Cool and put in the bento with the chicken.

C) Spinach with sesame seeds
Cook down some spinach and squeeze out the excess water. Cooked spinach will stay in the fridge for a few days too so you can use it as a veggie side for a few lunches. When you are ready to prepare, place in the bento and sprinkle with salt and sesame seeds. Add a few drops of sesame oil and bring a small container or oil to add later when it's ready for eating.

All of this food fit into the bento box I purchased on Ebay (see previous blog) and is quite small. But as you can see, you can fit a ton of food !

And here is today's bento :

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