martedì 30 settembre 2008

Blog Update

It has been a while since I had put together a post so even tho the dates result the same, these blogs are actually taken from my myspace pages. So, they are not so recent. This one is from March of this year.

Well, back to some bentos. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog but it doesn’t mean I have been neglecting my bento making or purchases of bento material and boxes.
My latest purchase was made end last year where I found in one of my favorite sellers the nori punches I had been looking for for some time. While I bought those, I added in a few plastic food picks, some animal bottles and a new funky cheese burger bento.
It may seem small, but inside it’s quite roomy. It only cost $7.99 so definately a keeper and has proven to be one of my favorite boxes. As soon as received, I packed up this lunch for work :
In the bottom we have some P&J sandwhiches cut into flower shapes. Some prosciutto and a hot pepper and olive mini-salid. In the "lettuce" part, I made some nori, cheese slice and prosciutto roll ups and divided it from my dessert which was orange slices. Little mini crackers finished it off. The "burger" section has a fork and spoon and enough space to put in a napkin as well. Pretty funky.

I had also made one day a nice Panda Bento. I like this bento box because it’s Panda shaped but I have to be careful not to use sauces or other red based products as they will stain the white plastic. No tobasco, no meat sauces or tomato sauce of any kind. So, I stuck with salmon for this one.
I have salmon with dill sprinkles, broccoli and a cup cake holder filled with philadelphia cheese. Then I made "pancakes" for the salmon. I had eaten once at a posh french restaurant "blini" with salmon. Basically, they make pancakes, then you put slices of smoked salmon on top of them and eat. I spread philadelphia on mine, then the salmon and then a sprinkle of dill (in the red container) on top of that. Really tasty. The pancakes were a blast to make :
I had seen this woman on TV use a squeeze bottle full of pancake mix (self rising flour and an egg will do if you don’t have real pancake mix like me) to squeeze out onto the pan and make all kinds of animal shapes. I added a twist. All you have to remember is that the first layer is the one to be seen. So I made the ears, eyes nose and mouth and then filled in the rest of the head. The form fits perfectly into the bento too. Very cool and yummy to eat.

Keeping on the Panda bento theme, I had made an "ode to the panda" in his bamboo thicket.
This was fun because I created the bamboo thicket using rice, carrots and zucchini thinly sliced with a potato slicer. I actually made the face before buying the face nori punchers. So believe it or not, I did use tweezers to position it. The salad is made with carrots and radishes sprinkled with lots of salt then squeezed out. The top part of the bento has turkey slices rolled around bamboo heart. And the fruit is figs ! Don’t get to eat those often out of season.

And the last bento was made after receiving the nori punchers. I made some hard boiled egg and decorated them.
Again tweezers helped but they are tough to position. It's easier if you punch the faces out, place them on a plate then press the egg over the plate. Some salami and turkey roll ups and cheese and nori with omlette roll ups too. Small side salad of carrots and olives. And the bottom of the bento had a bunch of flowers :
Some regular brown rice was the bottom and an omlette cut up into flower shapes. Celery stalks for the stems and carrots for the centers. I have little punches in the form of dragonflies and butterflies so added those in.

So, as you can see, I still make lots of stuff when I do have time and energy. Depending on what I make, I usually only need 30 minutes to an hour to prepare. And the pancakes are prepared the night before so no big deal. I have to remind myself to take pics of the bentos tho. I have made some nice ones (food wise more than designs) with some nice recipes so I have to remember to take pics. You never know who may get inspired by my bentos.

And here is a pic of a bento which I purchased recently :
Even though the chopsticks are too long for the bag, the bento is quite spacious and a very nice quality. So, here is today's bento :
Photobucket Yuck ! EVIL CLOWN BENTO !!!!!!!!!

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