mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

No, I'm not dead. Just unemployed.

Well it has been a while since I have returned here to post something. My bento boxes have been neglected since I stopped working. I no longer have the need to prepare them in the morning for my lunch time pleasure. But before I stopped working, I did make one final bento box purchase from my favorite site Bento & Co.

The box is called Ojue and is around the size of a school text book.

It has three compartments so you can prepare more or less food depending on what you're preparing for the day. I like the fact that it slides easily inside a book bag or handbag. The dimensions are slim and stylish (only 5.5cm deep) yet 16cm x 16cm in length and height. So you can fit 740ml of food in it. That's even enough for a guy! In fact, the color selection is great with white or black for men perhaps and green and pink for the more feminine.

I like the explaination of the creator, Chiaki Murata, of the box:

Every day we carry books, files and cellphones in our bags vertically. Why not the same for a bento box? The Ojue lunch box can be carried easily in a vertical manner. It has a small footprint, and the independent compartments can be used and arranged in many ways, using the 'vertical flexibility' concept.

The elastic bento belt actually is adjustable to fit the box in case you prefer to only use two out of the three compartments. There is also a built in chopstick holder and a pair of chopsticks which match the color of the box. At around USD 25.00 it is a bargain considering the quality and design factor - and it's actually on sale now! This is no Hello Kitty bento box! This is stuff for serious eaters and aficionados of the bento!! Enjoy !

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